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How to prepare for TOEFL exam?

Reading, listening, speaking and writing

Now that you have chosen how, where and when to prepare for your TOEFL exam, and the date it is getting closer to you … Read the next tips that can help you both in the preparation process and during the exam itself.Image of exam preparation


  1. Train a fast reading. If you read word by word, you risk not having enough time, and very often the answers to the questions are in one sentence or a paragraph. Moreover, from the stress of the exam itself, even if you read the text word for word, in the end, it is often a complete fog … Remember that the most important is the first and last sentences of each paragraph. They bring you enough information and put the text in a frame.


  1. Choose your favorite site and listen or watch online lectures. On the one hand you rest with them, on the other you learn new things, and on the other – you get used to native speaking. If the exam format allows you to make notes while listening, do not try to record everything, because while writing one you miss another. And it’s not true they do not ask for details. They ask. So remember the big picture and throw the details.


  1. For the speaking section the most important thing is to be calm. If you have with whom, try to talk more and more. Speak slowly, clearly and confidently at the exam. Do not worry about your accent, nor go back to every little mistake you feel you’re doing.


  1. When preparing for the writing part give yourself less than the time provided in the exam. This will make you faster to organize your thoughts and leave extra time for editing. Be aware of what the examiners hold – whether a clearly structured essay or the originality of the ideas. You can also try to make toefl test online free with score.


  1. Tips for the exam itself: if you can, recreate the exact test conditions to get your body accustomed. For example, if your exam is scheduled for 9 am and you like to sleep until later, two weeks before the date, start getting up early. This ensures that you will not fall asleep, feel uncomfortable, etc. Also when practicing sample tests, you can play your TV or music to get used to the noise and not to lose concentration during the exam.


  1. Find toefl preparation material. On the Internet you can find many different materials for self-preparation, but be careful. Search for reliable and up-to-date sources. Otherwise you risk to perceive wrong and outdated information.


Most important: be calm and confident in yourself. The worry will not help you. Or as we read in a textbook to prepare for toefl – repeat that you know more today than yesterday and do your best.


We wish you success

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